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The Mid-Afternoon Dump - 12/20/13

The entire SB Nation network was down this morning, so here's the... MAD?

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HOLIDAY CLASSICS. Cyclones.TV is featuring some ISU sports classics for the holiday season.

PUNTER/ENFORCER. Colin Downing, the likely starting punter for Iowa State next year, grew up playing hockey.

ALL PART OF THE PLAN. Making JUCO recruiting a priority has always been a part of his strategy, says Paul Rhoads.

ONE MORE OC POSSIBILITY OFF THE LIST. Dave Christensen has been hired by Utah as their offensive coordinator.

FLOOR SPACERS. Brynn Williamson and Kidd Blaskowsky provide the floor spacing Bill Fennelly needs.

SWIMMING RECORD. Imelda Wistey broke four records at her last meet against Iowa.

OF COURSE OREGON. New jerseys for their bowl game? Did anybody expect less from Oregon?

FORDE YARD BOWL GUIDE. Pat Forde previews all the bowls for you.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SCHEDULE! CFB is back, starting with the DIII championship tonight, followed by some smaller BCS bowls.

BEST PLAYS OF 2013. The Top 50 plays of the year, up for your debate.

CHRISTMAS SWEATER JERSEY. The Toledo Walleye are wearing ugly Christmas sweater jerseys on December 28th, and they're magical.

TINY GIRL IN A MUSCLEY SUIT. Danica Patrick is donning a muscle suit for her next GoDaddy commercial.

DUDE, IT'S JUST FANTASY FOOTBALL. Idiot fans take to Twitter to threaten players for their performances on the field.