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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/23/13


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9-0. For the first time since 1996, the Cyclones are 9-0 with a victory over Georges Mason.

GETTING IN SOME HISTORY. The team also visited Pearl Harbor while they were in Hawaii.

KWAH-MENSAH COMMITS. The record setting Ames HS running back will be a preferred walk-on for the Cyclones.

WHY SO MANY JUCOS? Bobby La Gesse looks at Paul Rhoads' JuCo-heavy recruiting strategy.

SUCCESSFUL FALL. Despite a bitterly disappointing football campaign, the fall sports season was an overall success for Iowa State, ranking third in the Big 12.

BIG 12 OPPORTUNITY. The Big 12 teams in bowls are big underdogs this bowl season, so winning could do wonders for the perception of the conference.

LIE DETECTOR ABOUT PEEING OFF A BALCONY? I suppose this would be something a school with blue turf would do.

HOMER SIMPSON IS GIVING THIS AN OSCAR. Cameraman gets hit by football in the groin.

THEY CLEARLY NEED KIRBY. The New York Jets, not so good at fake punts.

WANT TO REF AN AHL GAME? Here's what officiating looks like. It's a pretty cool 10 minute look complete with fighting and swearing!

BEAUTIES. Top five worst Christmas sweater hockey jerseys ever.

EVIL FAAAAAACKIN PLOW DRIVER. I might be doing the same thing if I was driving a plow though.