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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/24/13

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10-0. Another sloppy start brought about another huge mid-game run, and the Cyclones are now 10-0 after an 83-60 win over Akron.

DREAMY OVERLOAD. Ladies, behave yourselves.

UP TO 14. Iowa State moves up 3 spots to #14 in the AP Poll.

GEORGES FIRES BACK. A nice Christmas wish from a Hawkeye fan gets one back from Georges Niang.

OH, IT WASN'T AN ISU FAN? There's been a warrant issued for the locker room theft incident at Jack Trice this past September.

MACK'S DOWNFALL. Pat Forde got the exclusive on how the Mack Brown "resignation" came to be after school President Bill Powers withdrew his support.

MODERN HATE. A really cool compendium of various rivalries across the country by Steven Godfrey.

BEEF 'O' BRADY TRICKERY. A special Numerical celebrates the greatness of the trick play filled Beef 'O' Brady bowl.

SWAG. The Bowl swag list has been released, and the Big 12 teams are getting some cool stuff. I think the Holiday Bowl wins?

BEST OWN GOAL. Mike Smith got the puck lodged in his pants, then carried it into his own net. To celebrate, SB Nation put together a compilation of buttsports.


WTF WHEEL DRAFT. The NBA is thinking about going to a wheel draft system for some odd reason.