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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/27/13

NBA MENTALITY. Brent Blum talks about the NBA style of play that Fred Hoiberg has brought to the Cyclones.

LET'S WATCH SOME POST GAME INTERVIEWS. Cyclones.TV talks to the players and Fred Hoiberg about 11-0. DeAndre talks about his fun times in Hawaii, while Melvin Ejim discusses his return to double-double form.

WHAT THE DIAMONDHEAD TITLE MEANS. Randy Peterson pens an odd article about how winning in Hawaii means more credibility for the program... then quotes Bleacher Report to hypothesize Hoiberg to the Knicks.

DRMIC MUST HAVE BEEN ON THE FLIGHT. The shot of him with the oar will always haunt your dreams.

MORE RECRUITING TIME FOR FRED? The Cyclones want to start a yearly rivalry with the Golden Gophers... Minnesota is not so interested in giving Hoiberg more inroads with MN recruits.

JEREMIAH HEADING TO NFLPA COLLEGIATE BOWL. Jeremiah George is off to California to participate in a showcase for draft-eligible players.

ROLL TIDE. Bama baby with guns? Yep.

NO PIZZA? The Little Caesar's Bowl didn't provide enough Little Caesar's pizza for the media or the players. Maybe it was punishment for the players fighting on the field.

LIONS STILL HAVEN'T GIVEN UP. They just signed the world's fastest rugby player to their practice squad.

MOST RIDICULOUS NBA SHOTS. Some pretty incredible stuff on this Top 10 mix.