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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/3/13

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AUBURN REACTION. Fred Hoiberg, Melvin Ejim, and Dustin Hogue talk about last night's blowout.

CHARLES BARKLEY-ESQUE PERFORMANCE. Auburn fans were treated to a Dustin Hogue game that should have brought back memories of one of their greats.

MORE HARDWARE FOR HAHN. Kristen Hahn made it three straight years for herself and six straight for Iowa State winning the Big 12's libero of the year award.

ONE GOOD THING. Big 12 blog chooses ISU's dramatic win over WVU as the good thing in the Big 12 this week.

ROHACH PLAYER OF THE WEEK. Just to add to the QB controversy in the offseason, Grant Rohach was selected as the Big 12 player of the week for his outing against the Mountaineers.

FANTASTIC FINALE FOR JACQUES. The beloved Cyclone senior safety got a hat tip from the Big 12 blog for his last game on Saturday.

BIG 12 FRESHMAN OF THE WEEK. Seanna Johnson was named Big 12 WBB freshman of the week.

WIDENING THE GAP. The Big 12 is increasing the margin for third place in the conference power rankings over the Big Ten.

IRVING PLEADS NOT GUILTY. David Irving entered a plea of not guilty to his domestic assault charge.

NOTHING LIKE COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Bill Connelly recounts yet another amazing weekend in college football. We even get some run!

HORRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN WHEN BAMA LOSES. First, you have crazy Alaama fans that are circulating a petition to play OT because they believe Auburn's Chris Davis was out of bounds. Then to top that in ridiculous fashion, one Tide fan killed another for "not being sad enough" about the loss.

COLLEGE ATHLETES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU. Delta bumped about 50 passengers from a flight so they could turn it into a charter for Florida basketball.

MIKE TOMLIN CHEATING? Did the Steelers' head coach deliberately impede Jacoby Jones' path?

SORRY FOR KICKING YOU IN THE DICK, BRO. Roy Hibbert and LaMarcus Aldridge civilly settle a groin kick problem.

IOWA STATE WOULD SO GET SCORED ON LIKE THIS. Russell Wilson throws a pass off his receiver's facemask, still gets TD.

SARKISIAN TAKES USC JOB. Steve Sarkisian is going back to his roots in LA, and the reaction is mixed. The fun thing is that this article came out less than two months ago.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE. SB Nation has put out a handy gift guide for the sports fan in your life. I can't support everything in here, but it's certainly more reasonable that the ESPN guides that advocate 500 dollar skinny ties.