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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/5/13

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FOOTBALL SCHEDULE CHANGES. Farmageddon is now a week two pre-Iowa event, while our new homecoming is Toledo.

HOIBALL WITH ATTITUDE. Dustin Hogue and DeAndre Kane have brought an edge to this Iowa State team unlike the teams of the last couple of years.

BEST DREAMBALL YET? Randy Peterson speculates on if this is Fred Hoiberg's best squad yet.

NO BUBU. The Iowa Board of Regents denied Bubu Palo's appeal, bringing an end to all possibilities to him returning to the team.

UNI DESTRUCTION. In what is hopefully a preview of Saturday's Big 4 Classic matchup, the Cyclone women's basketball team hammered UNI 83-55.

BETTER SPACING. Bill Fennelly has taken Hoiball spacing and applied it to his team with good results.

PHYSICAL FLOYD. New Cyclone Qujuan Floyd's JuCo coach says he'll add a dimension of physicality to the Iowa State team.

WANTED: QB WHISPERER. Bobby La Gesse says the Cyclones need to find an offensive coordinator who specializes in QB development.

WINSTON DECISION. The Jameis Winston investigation is over and there will be an announcement of findings today. Patrick Vint comments that it probably means no charges will be filed.

ASU FACE KICK. An old man destroyed an ASU kid's face with his foot.

SUPER SUAREZ. Liverpool's Suarez scored FOUR times yesterday, in some ridiculous ways.

NEW YAAWWWWWWK. This drunken Jets fan really hates Geno Smith.