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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/6/13

EVERYBODY'S CHEERING AGAINST US? John Walters talks UNI and the "hostile" environment at Wells Fargo.

CALM ROOKIES. Monte Morris, Seanna Johnson and Jadda Buckley are all putting up very impressive assist-to-turnover ratios as freshmen.

THIS BUBU STORY WILL NEVER END. Bubu Palo's appeal was denied by the Board of Regents, so now he'll be taking it to district court.

BLEIL TO NORTH DAKOTA? Bill Bleil has applied for the North Dakota head coaching job.

PREVIEWING COLORADO. Christy Johnson-Lynch and Kristen Hahn talk about their first round matchup against Colorado.

BEDLAM. ISU's season is over, but there's still some big games to be played in the Big 12, headlined by OU-OSU.

AND THAT OTHER BIG GAME. Texas and Baylor play sans TARP, and the Texas pregamer has it covered for you.

WASHINGTON UPGRADES. After disappointment that Steve Sarkisian left, the Huskies have recovered nicely by hiring Boise State's Chris Petersen, once rumored to be USC's top choice.

BRIDGEWATER GOES APESHIT. It was a pretty boring Keg of Nails game, until Teddy Bridgewater went crazy.

WINSTON CIRCUS. The press conference to announce Jameis Winston would not be charged featured jokes and laughs as part of a giant circus, which is totally appropriate for an official announcement.

NO REAL DIFFERENCE HERE. Alex Rodriguez and Nelson Mandela lived similar lives, so it's easy to see how this TV station would confuse them.

YOU HAVE TO BE THIS DRUNK TO WATCH THE VIKINGS. Watch this Viking fan tumble in a drunken stupor.