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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/9/13

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DEFENSE TO OFFENSE. There was a second half offensive outburst on Saturday at Wells Fargo, but the Cyclone defense is what spurred the 18 point comeback.

OVERCOMING ADVERSITY. This year's Cyclone team hasn't found a deficit they can't overcome.

SHORT MEMORY FOR KANE. DeAndre Kane missed a free throw to seal the game in regulation, but made up for it in overtime.

TO FOUL OR NOT TO FOUL. The discussion about fouling up three is a point of debate again. Luckily, it's in a win.

NEW HIGH FOR CHRISTOFFERSON. Hallie dropped 33 points against Cal State Fullerton and the Cyclones are now 8-0.

LEE-CAMPBELL COMMITS. Darius Lee-Campbell, a QB from Texas, has committed to the Cyclones. There is also a hint from him that Iowa State won't be changing the offense much, which might signal a Klenakis hire.

IMMEDIATE PT? The coaching staff has apparently promised Lee-Campbell he'll have a shot to start right away this fall.

JUCO LB TARGET? Paul Rhoads is looking at Mississippi JUCO LB Jordan Harris to possibly fill Jeremiah George's shoes.

SNOWMAGEDDON. Sunday was full of snow moments in the NFL, including Calvin Johnson eating a face full of snow.

BOWLS SET. FSU-Auburn is your national title game in the last year of the BCS, while the Big 12 has a bunch of interesting matchups, including two BCS games.

MOCK PLAYOFF. Team Speed Kills looks at what the playoff system would look like this year.

KRAKEN, HOGWARTS. Because Greg Hardy couldn't go with a regular introduction on SNF.