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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/1/13

EJIM IS SMART. Melvin Ejim is one of 40 athletes up for consideration for Academic All-American.

SEVEN MORE YEARS! Volleyball coach Christy Johnson-Lynch has signed a 7 year contract extension.

KO KO KO. Kelechi Osemele stepped into the starting lineup and transitioned to guard, paving the way for the Ravens' Super Bowl run. KO also talks about the leadership of Ray Lewis and what it's like to play with one of the greatest linebackers of all time.

X FACTOR. David Ubben talks about the Cyclones' X-Factor going into the the 2013 season. Spoiler alert: QB is talked about prominently.

BIG 12 FRESHMEN. Travis Hines spotlights Georges Niang in his overview of Big 12 impact freshmen.

WHATABURGER GOES DOWN. In a titanic battle, Whataburger goes down swinging to Waffle House as the college football food fight reaches the final four.

JUST A PRECAUTION. It looks like the Big 12's request to play a championship game is "just a precaution".

SCHEDULING PARTNERSHIP? The Big 12 and SEC could pair up to create regular season schedules together.

THE WHAT IF. If FSU and Clemson do indeed join the Big 12 at some point, how will the divisions be divided?

HISTORICALLY TOP UNHEAVY IN 2013. The Big 12's elite could be historically bad in 2013.

BRIAN KELLY, WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM. Apollo 13 remixed with Notre Dame and Alabama.

ED O'BANNON LAWSUIT EXPLAINED. Do you know what's going on in the former UCLA star's lawsuit against the NCAA? No? You're in luck then.