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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/11/13

TWENTY TURNOVERS. Lots of turnovers and a very off game from Will Clyburn led to a 79-70 loss in Manhattan.

AND LUCIOUS? Korie Lucious' foul trouble certainly didn't help the Cyclones' cause, nor did KSU's reserves stepping up big.

AT LEAST THE WOMEN WON. For all the troubles the men had, the women cruised to a victory over Kansas State.

SEPARATION TIME. Now is the time for Iowa State to separate itself within the Big 12 on the road to the NCAA tournament, writes Randy Peterson.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. If you missed the annual gymnastics/wrestling dual event, Steve Malchow has you covered.

MOST HATED BY OSU. Pistols Firing does a list of their most hated Big 12 players, and Scott Christopherson somehow avoids mention.

BIG 12 PICTURE. Kirk Haaland goes over the Big 12 title race picture for you.

BIG 12 RECRUIT ALL-NAME TEAM. Kamari Cotton-Moya is the lone representative for the Cyclones.

NATIONAL ALL-NAME TEAM. Some of these recruit names are so crazy, you couldn't make them up.

NEW BEAVER. The Oregon State Beaver has a new look, and it's far angrier.

A SHOT THAT MEANT SO MUCH MORE. Two Oregon HS basketball players from opposing teams teamed up for one shot that meant more than that.

THE PATERNO REPORT. The Paterno family put out their report to respond to the Freeh report, and it's 200 pages of nothing.

HEY HEY HEY, SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY. Jay Williams says the Chicago Bulls routinely smoked weed before games.