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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/14/13

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A FAMILIAR SCENE. Iowa State fell victim to yet another desperation three to tie in regulation, then fell in double overtime to Texas, 89-86. Melvin Ejim had possibly the game of his life, racking up 20 points and 16 rebounds.

THINGS DON'T ALWAYS WORK OUT. Steve Malchow notes that 5 times this season the Cyclones have made more than 10 threes while turning it over less than 10 times.. and only last night was a loss.

KABONGO'S BACK. Myck Kabongo hit some big shots and dished out 7 assists to give Texas the spark they needed.

DON'T BLAME FRED FOR NOT FOULING. Hoiberg ordered his guys to foul on the three by Ioannis Papapetrou, but the team was unable to do so.

BOOKER'S UNHAPPY. Anthony Booker asked the same question we've all been wondering: What did he do to justify no minutes while Percy Gibson keeps dribbling into double and triple teams?

END OF CYHAWK SERIES? With the Big Ten moving to a 9/10 game schedule in 2014, there may not be room for Iowa State on Iowa's schedule.

UNI IN TROUBLE? With the Big Ten announcing it will no longer schedule FCS teams, UNI AD Troy Dannen says the school will be feeling the effects. Gary Rima says that may force UNI to try to join the FBS.

VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE RELEASED. The team has released their spring schedule.

AT LEAST THERE'S FOOTBALL. I still think this basketball team can do a lot of good things, but if you've checked out due to their road woes, at least football season tickets are on sale now.

2007 BOOMS AND BUSTS. Kelechi Osemele and Philip Bates represent Iowa State on the 2007 list.

CW LOOKS AT THE OFFENSE. Chris Williams takes an initial look at the offense prior to spring ball.

DINOSAUR FOOTBALL TEAM. Which dinosaurs would be best at which football positions? Spencer Hall asks, a paleontologist answers.

NEW NCAA RULES! The NCAA wants to add 9 rules for the 2013 season. Most notably, "targeting" is now a 15 yard penalty AND ejection.