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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/15/13

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OU SWEEP. On the strength of Hallie Christofferson's career night, the ladies beat Oklahoma 72-68 last night, earning a season sweep of the Sooners.

EJIM AND GIBSON ARE SMART TOO! Melvin Ejim and Percy Gibson were named to the Academic All-Big 12 first team. Now if only we could teach Percy to pass...

RECOGNITION FOR NIANG. Georges Niang is at #16 in the nation in ESPN's rankings of freshman performance this season.

KNOTT AND KLEIN. #2 and #3 on Ubben's list of Big 12 linebackers, right behind KSU's Arthur Brown.

MORE ON KLEIN. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a feature on A.J. Klein getting ready for the draft. Wally Burnham compares him favorably to Derrick Brooks.


EIGHT OFFICIALS! The Big 12 is considering adding an 8th official so that he can miss calls, too!

CYHAWK BLUES. Here's the mothership's take on the Big Ten schedule and what it means to the CyHawk rivalry. Of course the first comment is a Hawk fan hating on it.

BELATED VALENTINES. Here's some Valentine's Day cards from football coaches across the nation, and more from around the Big 12. Paul Rhoads and Call Me Maybe.. two of my favorite things!

KEEP PLAYING, JADEVEON. Addressing the rumors (none of it uttered by the man himself) that Jadeveon Clowney should sit out his junior year.

DEBUNKING THE NLI. After FSU 5 star LB Matthew Thomas admitted he would have gone to USC if his mom would have approved, it's good to point out that you can play football without an NLI.

BEST SCREWUP EVER. Donatas Motiejunas loses the ball and makes it look like a smooth move all at once.

BLIND BASEBALL. Yeah, I didn't realize it was a thing either, but here's a pretty fascinating piece on it.

KOBE CALLS REF/DWIGHT AN ASSHOLE. You decide after watching the video, but I'm betting it was Dwight Howard.

DRAMA IN THE RUNNING WORLD. Who knew running coaches could have so much clout they felt they could freely sexually harass athletes?