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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/19/13

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PLAYING THROUGH PAIN. Nkereuwem Okoro is playing through the tragedy of his brother's death, and that made his garbage time 3 mean so much more.

WHO'S ON FIRST? Steve Malchow draws parallels between the 1940s comedy and Fred Hoiberg's lineup.

NIANG HAS WORK TO DO. Randy Peterson writes that while Georges Niang has been impressive, he still has a lot of room for improvement... you know, like every other freshman.

#32 FOR BILAS. Jay Bilas does his weekly ranking of CBB teams, and we're down to #32.

PREVIEWING BAYLOR. Fred, Will, and Chris talk about the upcoming battle with Baylor.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: DEXTER GREEN. has a feature on the former Cyclone All-American running back.

SPRING QB BATTLES. The Big 12 has a number of battles for the QB position this spring, and Iowa State is included.

THIS FEELS FAMILIAR... The men had a turnover crisis against KSU, and after a demoralizing defeat against WVU, the women are experiencing the same thing.

MIAMI PROBLEMS. The NCAA concluded its investigation of itself in the Miami investigation, and it's bad enough that Mark Emmert should pay with his job.

WORST FREE THROW EVER. Can this one be topped? Not likely.