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Fan Sacrifice: How Far Are You Willing To Go?


On the Christian calendar, Ash Wednesday fell last week on February 13th, signifying the beginning of the season of Lent, the 40-day period preceding Easter where Christians often sacrifice something from their regular lives as part of a purification process that renews the commitment to their baptism.

Ignoring the obvious, blasphemous tone of this charade, we at WRNL want to know, what are you willing to do for Iowa State to bring the Cyclones closer to a road win? What would you sacrifice? Or how about a dare? Maybe a bizarre superstition that you're willing to carry out?

It doesn't really matter. Fred Hoiberg and Iowa State's NCAA tournament resume needs your help and WRNL is happy to sweeten the pot if you've got the magic mojo (and stones) to pull something off that's so ridiculous, so insane, that it might actually work.

Shave your eyebrows. Wear your clothes backwards Kris Kross style to work. Light yourself on fire (don't do this). As long as your act is legal(ish) and it puts ISU over the hump on the road, we really don't care. Your efforts will be rewarded with one of WRNL's highly stylish, highly coveted, original t-shirts and we'll celebrate your exploits for weeks to come with Tweets of affection, feature stories and all the adulation that is deserved for such a sacrifice.

The rules are simple. You must provide documented proof of said sacrifice/dare/superstition via email (, Twitter (@WideRtNattyLt) or if you feel so inclined, upload a picture in the comments section and we'll make sure no submission goes unnoticed. We'll do our best to protect your identity if needed and we'll make sure that we communicate with you before publishing anything. The best submission wins.

The ball is in your court, fine readers of WRNL. The Iowa State basketball team and Cyclone fan base turn their weary eyes to you.