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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/20/13

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CRITICAL GAME TONIGHT. Tonight's matchup with Baylor may be critical in getting the Cyclones into the NCAA tournament.

T.J. AGREES. Coach Otz is also big on what tonight's game means for the postseason hopes of the team.

LATE GAME DEFENSE. To get the victory on the road, Iowa State needs to play better defense to close out away games.

NEW RULES. Cyclone coaches are not happy about the new recruiting rules, but will have to adapt on the fly.

FAMILY MATTERS. A look at how Steve Urkel changed Chelsea Poppens' life. OK, not really, but it's still a good video to watch.

BRAWL FALLOUT. Nine total players, including Dustin Hogue and Richard Amardi, have been suspended, along with Indian Hills CC coach Barret Perry. 3 fans fans have also been banned from attended games. This brawl will not affect Hogue and Amardi's scholarships to ISU.

BOOMER. The guy who supposedly gave Justin Blackmon extra benefits while at Oklahoma State has been arrested for beating his son who claimed to like OU better than Oklahoma State.

MIAMI CASE WINDING DOWN. Miami was finally hit with the ominous "Lack of Institutional Control" charge by the NCAA.

UNC TO THE B1G? Maryland's 24/7 site is reporting that UNC has a standing offer to join the Big Ten.

B1GABILITY. Jason Kirk looks at all the ACC teams and how viable each one is for the Big Ten.

THE PRINCE IS BACK! Ron Prince is back in college football, as Rutgers' offensive coordinator.

THE LONELY WHITEY. James Reed left his small town in Indiana to play basketball for Morgan State, a historically black school, and the experience was eye-opening.