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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/22/13

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AT HOME. The men seek to avenge their worst loss of the year against Texas Tech in the friendly confines of Hilton Coliseum.

ON THE ROAD. The ladies head to Bramlage to face off against Kansas State.

DEFYING LOGIC. Somehow, Iowa State is leading the Big 12 in field goal percentage and number of three pointers attempted, which has never happened.

WHAT MAKES THEM SO HARD TO DEFEND? Randy Peterson tries to figure out why Iowa State is predictable and yet hard to stop.

THE WHAT IF GAME. All of the state's teams have suffered misfortune this year, but all the coaches aren't dwelling on it.

BRACKETOLOGY. Jerry Palm finally has the Cyclones in, albeit in a 12 play-in game, while SB Nation has the Cyclones in solidly as an 11 (which I really wouldn't mind).

JAKE'S GETTING READY. Checking in with Jake Knott as he gets ready for the combine.

SAINA FINDS SUCCESS. By trusting her coaches and accepting help, Betsy Saina became an NCAA champion.

MUMME'S BACK? Will the father of the air raid be back to BCS level coordinating soon?

MAKING A HIGHLIGHT FILM. The dos and dont's of making a highlight tape.

RIDICULOUS HALFCOURT SHOT. This cheerleader adds some flair to your regular half court shot.

SQUATTING SWIFT. Remember the really tall, goofy looking ginger (not an Aaron White lead-in) the Sonics drafted in 2004? Robert Swift is refusing to leave his foreclosed house.