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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/26/13

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AS IF YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW. Here's the recap of the 108-96 OT loss, not that you needed a reminder.

FORDE IS INCENSED: Pat Forde is more angry than most Iowa State fans about the officiating from last night: "Bert Smith and Tom O'Neill should be suspended by the Big 12 for outright incompetence after robbing the Cyclones."


EVEN BLUM IS ANGRY. Noted referee defender Brent Blum is even railing on the officials for last night's debacle.

HOW QUICKLY THINGS CHANGE. Elijah Johnson went from benched to the reason (well, other than the refs) Kansas snatched victory from the jaws of certain defeat.

ELIJAH MAGIC. The Cyclones were good, but Elijah Johnson was better.

STORMING THE COURT. Supposedly this Iowa State fan tried to go after Bill Self, probably to verify if Self really does have a toupee.

HEY, A BRIGHT SPOT! Some Iowa State fans got Brent Musberger to sign their poster of Katherine Webb.


KLEIN IMPRESSES. A.J. ran an official 4.66 at the NFL combine, which should answer a lot of questions about his athleticism. He was also rumored to have destroyed his knee by PFT, which he quickly corrected.

TRAVEL HELP? West Virginia is requesting Saturday-Monday back to back road games to reduce on their travel costs.

OH MY. LeBron's pregame dunk is better than anything you'll see in a dunk contest.

THIS IS UNFAIR. Alabama just made a scholarship offer to Dylan Moses, who is 6'1, 215 pounds, and is dominating EIGHTH grade football.