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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/27/13

BIG 12 STATEMENT. The Big 12 acknowledged errors were made in the Iowa State-Kansas game, and will be taking "appropriate measures", which is probably nothing. The most interesting part of the article is the comment left by the KU fan, actually being gracious, which pretty much makes me believe she's not a KU fan at all.

UNLIKE THESE GUYS. Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star writes about how the Jayhawks were bailed out by the officials, and the comments in there by KU fans are pretty much why nobody around the conference likes them.

FRED TALKS TO ANDY KATZ. Fred says he thought Georges was there in time, which is somehow probably the most worked up Fred has ever gotten.

BRANDO'S GOING MILITANT. Tim Brando is basically recruiting Seth Davis to go strangle a bunch of officials.

BRACKETOLOGY. Iowa State is still sitting at a 10 seed in Lunardi's bracket, while they're slotted for a 12 play-in game in Jerry Palm's.

THIS COULD HAVE BEEN US. A bubble team, dressed in gold, playing against a top 10 team at home pulled off the upset last night as Minnesota beat #1 Indiana. To continue the parallels, Cody Zeller actually fouled out in the final minutes. Here's the wild celebration at Williams Arena.

LEADING IN TWO POINTERS, TOO. Iowa State is leading the Big 12 in three pointers made, but are also leading in two point field goal percentage.

MORE PETE TAYLOR. The next in the series "Remembering Pete Taylor" is his call of the 1992 victory against Nebraska.

COMPLETE TRASH. I'm sure many of you broke things or screamed obscenities at the TV on Monday night, but this is completely unacceptable from our fans. Anthony Booker puts it best.

RICH EISEN'S 40. My favorite part of the NFL combine every year is back, with Leon Sandcastle giving Rich some tips, then Rich's run being simulcammed with other combine participants.

POOR REVIEWS ON YELP. People actually submit negative reviews on Yelp of stadiums they visit. I bet Bill Self's review of Hilton is pretty poor.

DAYTONA DIARY. A truly amazing account of one man's journey to Daytona.