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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/28/13

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REVENGE(ISH)! The Iowa State ladies beat the Jayhawks 83-68 at Hilton, ensuring their fate would be different from the men.

BETTER THAN KATHERINE WEBB, BRENT? Steve Malchow examines just how much Brent Musberger and Fran Franschilla loved Ames.

MISSED CALLS MIGHT NOT HURT? Gene Smith is saying that the NCAA tournament selection committee might just consider Monday a win for the Cyclones anyway.

TYRUS IS TOPS. Kirk Haaland's adjusted scoring per 50 possessions has Tyrus McGee as tops in the Big 12.

IOWA STATE'S MVP? Chris Williams raises an interesting topic in his mailbag as to the team's MVP. Personally, I lean towards Melvin Ejim, but arguments can be made for a couple of players.

DIANTE IMPRESSING. Diante Garrett is receiving more playing time lately, and is impressing Phoenix Suns interim head coach Lindsey Hunter.

ROYCE ON DR. PHIL. This is not a joke. Royce White will be on Dr. Phil today at 3 PM CT.

AH, NOSTALGIA. For some ISU fans, 1992's game at Hilton against OSU will be a fond memory. For others, it's an example of what we can turn Hilton back into.

REMEMBERING PETE. The series continues with the 2002 Iowa State-Nebraska game when the Cyclones were actually ranked above the Huskers.

OH. MY. Chane Behanan, ladies and gentlemen.

SWEAT IS JUST YOUR FAT CRYING. That's what a sign at the Alabama weight room says.

OFFSEASON GRAPHS. EDSBS has charted a lot of things about the college football offseason.

LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE. Maybe you remember the game fondly (I know I do), but here's the darker/stupider side of Nickelodeon's show.

THIS... SEEMS EXCESSIVE. Colorado's Nick Kasa was repeatedly asked about his sexual orientation by various NFL teams. which means Manti Te'o is probably being mercilessly harassed.

PAUL JOHNSON IS SO META. The Georgia Tech coach is tweeting about himself tweeting about himself tweeting about....

DAGGER AIRBALL! Washington Wizards broadcasters thought an airball was a game winning three pointer.