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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/4/13

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DOUBLE HILTON MAGIC. Powered by Will Clyburn's 28 points, the men defeated Baylor 79-71 despite going 0-10 from three in the first half. The women beat down Texas Tech, 67-52.

GETTING FREEBIES. What do the Cyclones have to do to win when the threes aren't falling? Get to the free throw line.

BIG WEEK AHEAD. Bubu Palo and Iowa State have a big week ahead on the court to pad their NCAA resume.

GOLF PIONEER. Tony Janssen broke through the golf color barrier when he played for Iowa State from 1984-1988.

WIN STREAK OVER. Cyclone wrestling's mini streak came to an end as the #2 Oklahoma State Cowboys defeated them soundly, 25-9.

THE LASTING EFFECTS OF A VICTORY. How much has the Oklahoma State win in 2011 affected recruiting?

OR AN NFL SUCCESS STORY? Shane Burnham is using Leonard Johnson's success in Tampa Bay to appeal to Florida recruits.

RARE YEAR. Despite losing a couple of recruits lately, Iowa State is beating Iowa in Rivals' rankings for 2013, and that's not a common occurence.

ANOTHER POINT GUARD? Everyone pretty much knows Rashad Vaughn was here for the Baylor game, but the Cyclones also hosted 2015 point guard recruit Nick Noskowiak this weekend.

MICHIGAN CATFISHES OWN PLAYERS. The Michigan athletic department decided to catfish their own players.

SUPER BLACKOUT. To liven up what looked to be a Ravens rout, The Superdome staff decided to not pay their electric bill and see what happened.

COMMERCIALS! If you want to rewatch any of the commercials from last night, the overlords have you covered. I'm sure many of you were partial to Dodge's Paul Harvey inspired tribute to farmers.

MAJOR TROUBLE. Major Applewhite was involved in an extramarital affair during the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, which has led to a dilemma at Texas.

BACK IN POWER. Bob Bowlsby has taken the Big 12 from a vulnerable position back to a power.