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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/8/13

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VOYAGE TO BRAMLAGE. Iowa State takes a winning streak on the road tomorrow against K-State in Manhattan.

WHY IS FRED SO AWESOME. Steve Malchow counts the ways.

NEW CYCLONE INTERVIEWS. CFTV catches up with the 4 early enrollees in Aaron Wimberly, Emmanuel Bibbs, Shawn Curtis, and Alton Meeks.

YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS MATTER. With the revelation that Nigel Tribune initially decommitted from Iowa State in part due to negative message board comments about his game video, Bobby La Gesse says that negative fans do matter in recruiting.

HITTING FLORIDA HARD. Only Kentucky had more recruits from Florida for a BCS conference school outside of the state.

ANOTHER WAUKEE GRAD. Ryan Glenn hopes to keep the Waukee tradition going at Iowa State, as well as the Iowa State tradition going in his family.

JP APOLOGIZES. Despite Colfax-Mingo officials saying the situation was overblown, Jamie Pollard is apologizing for his actions in getting tossed from his son's basketball game.

TOMMY GETS A FAX. Viva The Matadors readers decided to fax a menu from the 50 Yard Line Steakhouse to departed coach Tommy Tuberville.

CHIP KELLY 2.0! Mike Gundy has his new offensive coordinator in record setting D-2 Shippensburg coordinator Mike Yurcich, who likes to diagram plays by using Lego.

FANS WANT EXPANSION. 78 percent of fans voted to expand on ESPN's Big 12 blog, which seems ridiculously high.

SIGNING DAY RANKINGS. Do you really care about who signed the best class, or do you care more about the other cool shit that happened on signing day?

HAS A&M OVERTAKEN TEXAS? If Signing Day is any indication, then the tides are turning in the State of football.

RAY LEWIS PRESENTS THE OSCARS. You know, if the Academy wanted a stabby guy to do it.

THE LEGEND OF DAN KENDRA. An in-depth look at what happened to a former number one recruit.