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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/1/13

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BETTER THAN LAST YEAR? Fred Hoiberg gives his take on if this year's team is better than last year's edition.

GETTING READY FOR OU. Tyrus, Will, and Chris join Coach Hoiberg in talking about prep for the Oklahoma Sooners.

PROVING HIMSELF AGAIN. Jake Knott is having to prove himself against in preparing for the NFL draft.

TYRUS AND REBA. Tyrus McGee might never be the most famous alum of Stringtown, Oklahoma, but he could be mentioned along with Reba McEntire.

REMEMBERING PETE, CONTINUED. The series continues with two more entries; Day 5 is Troy Davis' incredible 378 yard game against Missouri, while Day 6 is the 2002 comeback against Iowa.

SORRY, SIGNED IOWA STATE. Iowa State's GSB president released a statement apologizing to Elijah Johnson and Kansas for the actions of the two idiots. Classy move, Jared Knight.

MARIJUANA CAUSED ANXIETY. Royce was on Dr. Phil last night, and the Register has the rundown of what happened.

MOVE IT BACK. Iowa State's third meeting with Tulsa in a year will now take place on Thursday, September 26th.

BILL SELF IS UNHAPPY. I want to hate on him, but he does raises a pretty good point about the Big 12's statement about Monday's game. Then again, it's the culture of no accountability in officiating that makes actually addressing an error a big deal anyway.

LEAST TOP HEAVY BASKETBALL SEASON EVER? Another top 5 team goes down as #3 Duke loses to Virginia.

HOW SIMILAR IS BIG 12 FOOTBALL TO BIG 10 BASKETBALL? Looking at this parity circle, Big 10 basketball looks a lot like Big 12 football; incredibly deep but probably a bit overrated as a powerhouse.

DARK HORSE FROG? TCU is highlighted as a potential surprise national championship contender in 2013.

VINCE YOUNG IS UNAMUSED, DAVID ASH. Vince Young is back on campus partying taking classes, and he's unhappy with the effort Texas QBs have shown.

SPEED CONSPIRACY. Why are players' 40 times going way up from their high school times?

GIRLS GONE WILD IS DEAD. Another generation won't be exposed to hours of drunk college girls flashing their boobs on camera. (SFW)