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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/12/13

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BEST TWO OUT OF THREE? Cyclone players talk about another matchup with OU and hoping for a better result this time.

ROLLED. The women weren't much of a roadblock to Baylor last night, getting demolished 75-47 by the Baylor Lady Bears. Notable is that Bill Fennelly skipped the handshake with Kim Mulkey.

OVERACHIEVERS. Both the men's and women's teams exceeded preseason projections this year.

TALKING AWARDS. Fred Hoiberg and the players talk about garnering all their Big 12 individual honors.

RIP WILLIE. A tribute to Willie Gadson, former Cyclone great and father of current Cyclone wrestler Kyven, who lost his battle with cancer this weekend.

PAUL RHOADS, MOST FASHIONABLE MAN IN IOWA. He does wear a lot of hooded sweatshirts, after all.

UNDERPAID? Fred Hoiberg and Fran McCaffery rank near the bottom of their respective conferences in coaching salaries.

FRANK BEAMER DOES A JIG. He made a Harlem Shake video, which you should avoid, but his little dance in it is worth an animated GIF.

KYLE FIELD IS THE HOME OF THE BATCAVE. Aggieland is having a bat infestation problem.

OFF TO GREENER PASTURES. Notre Dame is done with the Big East.

DEPRESSION AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Spencer Hall pens a good piece on how depression is caused (or not caused) by being on social media.

PREACHY PREACHY. I usually like Adrian Wojnarowski, but he's leading the buzzkill parade on the DeAndre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight.

TO MAKE UP FOR THAT... Here's the DeAndre Jordan dunk with a Jim Ross call over it.