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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/14/13

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THE MAYOR SUCCEEDS HIS WAY. ESPN with another feature on the Dreamiest coach in college basketball.

#22McTHREES. It's Tyrus McGee's birthday, so what better time to talk about the fact that there's never a bad shot for the man? Also, Steve Malchow addresses if McGee is fit for the "Microwave" moniker given to him by several announcers.

POSITIVITY! Much has been made of the team's struggles in Kansas City, but here's John Walters with a glass half full observation.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Where are the disgraced refs from the KU-ISU game working now? If you guessed Conference USA, you're correct!

DROPPING? Joe Lunardi drops the Cyclones a seed in his newest bracketology for some odd reason. To be fair, Jerry Palm hasn't moved Iowa State while they've been off.

NOT YOUR AVERAGE FRESHMAN. Georges Niang may be a freshman, but you wouldn't be able to tell.

APPRECIATING BABB. Bobby La Gesse says we should appreciate the last weeks of Chris Babb's defensive prowess at Iowa State.

AND AFTER BASKETBALL? Babb wants to coach women's basketball if playing the game doesn't work out as a career.

SPRING STEP FORWARD. Sam Richardson is featured as a possible breakout spring star.

THE EXPLANATION BEHIND "SO PROUD". Paul Rhoads explains it wasn't just a heat of the moment speech.

BALANCING EXPLOSIVE PLAYS. Iowa State was only above Kansas when it comes to the net of big plays made-given up.

WRASSLERS TO NCAAS. Seven Cyclone wrestlers made the NCAA championships.

EXTENSION FOR JACKSON. Wrestling coach Kevin Jackson received a two year contract extension.

WHERE WOULD YOU START A CFB TEAM? Jason Kirk explores the best place to start a college football program.

DEDICATION. No tickets, no problem for these Turkish soccer fans, who tried to burrow into the stadium.