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Iowa State Downs Oklahoma 73-66 In Big 12 Tournament

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Flying Chest Bumps For Everyone!

Tyrus' Birthday Went Well.
Tyrus' Birthday Went Well.
Jamie Squire

The Cyclones didn't make it easy, but they overcame a double digit deficit in the final ten minutes to beat Oklahoma after losing to them by 17 points in Norman less than 2 weeks ago. Will Clyburn played like a man possessed down the stretch, scoring 10 points in a three minute stretch, leading Iowa State to its first win in the Big 12 tourney since 2005. The team celebrated accordingly with chest bumps abound.

Melvin Ejim did what Melvin Ejim always does, piling up a double double while picking up yet another incomprehensible Ejim foul (possibly the worst one yet), getting called for being the recipient of a Romero Osby slew foot. Without the quiet contributions of Ejim to keep the OU lead manageable while the rest of the team was struggling, there would be no Will Clutch-burn performance or Babb dagger to speak of.

Korie Lucious struggled from the field (0-8, 0-5 3pt), but did provide 9 assists with only 2 turnovers. Interestingly enough, Fred Hoiberg benched Lucious for Bubu Palo and let Will Clyburn run the point during the Cyclones' comeback run. According to Iowa State Daily writer Dean Berhow-Goll, Lucious actually asked Coach Hoiberg to keep Bubu in the game to keep the team flow going.

And hey, next time you hear about the Cyclones not being able to win without the three, kindly remind everyone that the team is now 5-1 in conference games when hitting 8 three pointers or less. Will Clyburn is looking forward to Kansas and their disgusting zubaz shorts.