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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/15/13

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LIVING UP TO THE NICKNAME. Will Clyburn was truly "The Thrill" in the last 8 minutes of yesterday's game.

MELVIN BRAND GLUE. Ejim makes Seth Davis' Glue Guys team, and Davis has glowing words for the Nigerian-Canadian Nightmare.

"WE OWE THEM BIG-TIME." Cyclone players want the rematch with KU... badly.

PLAYER REACTION. Iowa State players talk about their big comeback win against OU yesterday.

AND FRED? Fred Hoiberg talks to the media about the victory over the Sooners.

KORIE BENCHES HIMSELF. Lucious really did bench himself in favor of Bubu Palo yesterday in the midst of the Cyclones' comeback.

VENGEANCE! Apparently Cyentist and Brent Blum had a brainstorming session together, because Blum echoes our sentiments on KU tonight.

ANOTHER MCDERMOTT GAME? There's still seeding to be done, but the Cyclones are off the bubble and moving up to an 11 seed against Creighton(!!!!!!!!) in SB Nation's Bracketology.

CRAZIEST FINISH EVER? I guess you shouldn't foul when up three if one of your players wants to commit a technical foul.

YOU ALWAYS THINK YOU'RE GOING TO WIN A GAME. Grambling State finished 0-28 this year, so Deadspin sat down with their head coach.

SAD STORY OF THE DAY. Earl Badu hit one of the biggest shots in Maryland history. Ten years later, he jumped off a bridge.

FCC COMPLAINTS ARE FUNNY. The random complaints people filed with the FCC about the Super Bowl telecast are pretty hilarious.

EVERYBODY LOVES THE SIMPSONS! You may have liked the Big 12 as Simpsons characters, or the Big Ten, but the SEC one is truly the winner.