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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/18/13

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GAMETIME. CBS has released the official game times and announcer pairings, and Iowa State will play Notre Dame at 8:45 on CBS, Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg on the call.

NEED TICKETS? Here's the official information from

FRED WAS NERVOUS. He was sure his team was in the tournament, but that didn't make waiting for the last bracket any less nerve-wracking.

THE PLAYERS TOO? That sinking feeling was creeping in on everyone else on the team too.

HOW ABOUT THOSE IRISH? Brent Blum has a scouting report on our Friday enemy.

CELEBRATION! I'm pretty sure that's Okoro dancing up a storm again in the celebration video, while Korie Lucious isn't aware that you can take tags off a hat.

COMPLETE SEEDING. Iowa State was the 39th overall seed in this year's tournament.

VEGAS ODDS. The Cyclones are one point underdogs to Notre Dame, the lowest line of the 7-10 matchups.

ROYCE WEIGHS IN. The star of last year's team says this year's team is better than the one that rolled UConn, then gave eventual national champion Kentucky a good run.

LUCIOUS IS HURT. Korie has a bad hip, but that won't keep him out of the NCAA tournament. Hopefully the 6 days off means he'll recover and play more like midseason Korie.


Kyven Gadson will be at the NCAAs, but will wrestle with a heavy heart.

SNUBS? MISSES? This year's field was noteworthy in its lack of snubs, but Chris Dobbertean looks at what the committee missed out on.