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WRNL's Return of the Godfather Bracket Challenge

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The Godfather Larry Eustachy makes another triumphant return to the NCAA Tournament and we thought it appropriate to name this year's bracket challenge after the man whose misgivings helped give birth to this site.

We are running the challenge though Yahoo this year and the group can be found here. Aside from SBN's rules for the tournament we have some of our own:

1. One entry per person

2. Winner receives a free t-shirt compliments of Wide Right & Natty Lite. This would can include either the Riot shirt, Dreamy shirt, or the AHF shirt.

3. The winner should contact us at after the challenge is over with their contact information to claim their prize.

4. Point scoring is standard with point values of 1,2,4,8,16, and 32 points.

5. There is no cap on the number of participants so forward on to friends, family, and fellow miscreants.

Go here for the contest. If that does not work go here. Password will be required no matter the link.

Group ID: 135990

Password: cyclones

Please note the OFFICIAL RULES for the contest.