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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/19/13

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WOMEN ARE IN, TOO. The ladies are heading to Spokane as a 5 seed to face off against Gonzaga. Steve Malchow notes that we're one of the two lucky teams to play a road game as a higher seed.

CONTRASTING STYLES, SIMILAR RESULTS. Notre Dame plays at a much slower pace than the Cyclones, but both teams are top 15 nationally in offensive efficiency.

NATE SILVER'S ODDS. The master prognosticator has the odds for every team advancing to every round.

ESPN LIKES US. Seth Greenberg took the Cyclones on Sunday live on ESPN, Jay Bilas is taking us to win our first game, while the West preview article has Iowa State as a possible cinderella capable of making it to the Final Four.

PETE THAMEL DOES TOO. He lists us among his five high reward, low risk picks.

NOT JUST A RECRUITER. T.J. Otzelberger has shed the "recruiter" label and is much more than that to Fred Hoiberg now.

BIG 12 COUNTRY. Facebook made a fan graph for the 68 teams in the tournament, so we can officially call Iowa Big 12 country.

BUT THEN THIS HAPPENS. Yep, Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the NCAA tournament.

WEST BRACKET GIANT KILLERS. Trying to pick an upset for your Return of the Godfather Bracket Challenge? Here's some help.

CAN'T WAIT FOR HIS RHOADS DRAWING. Cyclone recruit Kyle Starcevich draws caricatures of people in his spare time.

NEXT FOUR OUT-ISH. What if there was a 68 team tournament for football? Iowa State wouldn't make it. I'm guessing that we'd be in before the Tulsa debacle though.

BOWLSBY GET ASKED ABOUT EXPANSION. Bob Bowlsby got harassed about his favorite subject again, and his answer is pretty much the same.

COACH AUTHORITY. The Steubenville rape trial showed that football might be overvalued in our communities. So why does Steubenville's football coach still have a job?

PAY IS COMPATIBLE WITH COLLEGE? Can paying athletes work without taking away the amateurism of college sports?

WELL, THAT WAS UNEXPECTED. Former NBA great Adrian Dantley is working as a crossing guard, and it's not because he's broke.