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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/20/13

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LON AND FRED, THUNDER BUDDIES. Lon Kruger is old, so he sent a congratulatory fax instead of an e-mail to congratulate Fred Hoiberg on another fine season.

MODEST MELVIN. Why is Melvin Ejim not appreciated more as one of the conference's top players?

BEST CASE SCENARIO. Pat Forde assesses every team's best and worst case scenarios with ample humor tossed in, and the best case scenario has Iowa State heading to the Final Four.

POINTS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Steve Malchow examines why analysts seem to love Iowa State.

FRAN HELPS NOTRE DAME. Former ND assistant Fran McCaffery helps break down the Cyclones.

LIVING AND DYING BY THREE? Kirk Haaland checks into the validity of applying that cliche to Iowa State.

MORE IOWA STATE PICKS. SB Nation's resident bracketologist also takes Iowa State in the first round.

NICE WORDS, BUT.... SB Nation sits down with Jay Bilas to preview the brackets, and Bilas speaks glowingly of First Team A-10 PG Korie Lucious and the Iowa State Cyclones, 3-6 in the ACC.

WHAT IF THE BCS RAN COLLEGE BASKETBALL? Unlike football March Madness, we'd get in, but it's at the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl, which we may have already experienced.

LACK OF PARITY. While the men's field is wide open, the gap between elite women's programs and the rest grows wider.

A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEAST. College football is getting more disciplined, while college basketball is all about entertainment value.

BILLION DOLLAR DISCOUNT FOR BEING TERRIBLE. The remnants of the Big East signed a TV deal, and it's significantly less than the one they turned down 2 years ago.

THE SHOT HEARD 'ROUND MARCH. All about the famous shot Bryce Drew made for Valparaiso.