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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/21/13

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ANATOMY OF A DEEP RUN. Is Iowa State primed for a major run in the NCAA tournament? Brent Blum checks it out.

KIRK'S PREVIEW. Statboy Haaland gives you the rundown on Iowa State-Notre Dame.

THE WOMEN ARE A BIG DEAL. The program is just one of 13 to make the NCAA tournament each of the past seven seasons.

KORIE LOVES MARCH. This is Korie Lucious' favorite month of the year.

DEFECTING FOR A DAY. A feature from the Register on the Notre Dame center's Cyclone girlfriend, and who she's cheering for on Friday.

WRASSLIN. Why Sanderson's move east changed everything about this NCAA wrestling tournament.

68 REASONS FOR LOVE. Bobby La Gesse has 68 reasons why you should love the NCAA tournament.

THEY'RE SO SCREWED. Dan Beebe is helping the new Big East in its search for a new commissioner.

DUNK REEL. put together a season dunk reel. Of course the background music is Skrillex.

U.S.S. IOWA IS GOING DOWN? IIf every school was a warship, what are their NCAA chances? Apparently not good, if you're Iowa State.

SECESSION BROS. AAn open letter from noted secessionist Jefferson Davis to Big Ten commissioner/windbag Jim Delany.

FAILING LONGHORNS. Barking Carnival wrote this piece on the state of disarray in Texas athletics, and this was even before UT's loss to Houston in the CBI went final...

SYRACUSE PROBLEMS. The Orange are under investigation for major NCAA violations. Apparently, if you've wronged Iowa State basketball in some way in the last couple of years, this year is bad for you. Kentucky was straddled with an NIT loss, while UConn was ineligible for the tournament.

ULTIMATE CURSE WORD BRACKET. Yeah, Deadspin's really doing it.