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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/22/13

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LONG LIVE LARRY! Colorado State and Larry Eustachy found a perfect pairing, beating Missouri 84-72. He is now the first coach in NCAA history to win 23 or more games at four different schools.

OFD Q&A. We answered some questions for One Foot Down on the big matchup tonight..

KOOL KORIE. Despite the recent criticism surrounding his game, Korie Lucious is keeping above all of it.

CLYBURN FINALLY MAKES IT. Will Clyburn is finally playing in the NCAA tournament, after doubting he would ever even be a Division 1 player five years ago.

KEYS TO VICTORY. Five important things that the Cyclones must do to beat Notre Dame.

HANGING WITH LUTZ. Fred Hoiberg and Bobby Lutz are enjoying a reunion in Dayton.

JACK COOLEY THINKS WE'RE DEPAUL. Sure, DePaul is "faster" than Iowa State (1.2 more possessions/game), but they weren't exactly good at it (8.2 less points/game, 11-21 record).

PRACTICE SESSION INTERVIEWS. catches up with the players and Fred Hoiberg.

ROYCE DRAMA IS BACK. He's decided to leave his D-league team and return to Houston... but not with the Rockets.

BREY'S TROLLING OBAMA. After the President made fun of the zubaz uniforms, Mike Brey is promising extra neon.

BEST AND WORST OF DAY ONE. Mike Rutherford looks at all the good and terrible that happened yesterday.

CYCLONES ADVANCE. Four Iowa State wrestlers advanced in the NCAA tourney yesterday.

GADSEN CONTROVERSY. Kyven Gadson lost his match in a controversial finish which caused plenty of boos at Wells Fargo.

WEATHERMAN A CINDERELLA STORY? ISU's Tanner Weatherman is the feel good story of that other NCAA tournament.

MISSOURI DOESN'T CARE. Gregg Doyel says we should celebrate Missouri's exit from the tournament, because they simply didn't give a shit.

STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR BRACKET. And just enjoy the tournament.

BRAWL BRAWL BRAWL. 44 minutes of penalties because of two seconds of hockey.