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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/25/13

I guess we're all FGCU fans now.

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NBA IS AFTER FRED? According to at least one writer, Fred Hoiberg's revival of Iowa State basketball makes him a very good candidate for NBA jobs.

BABB'S INJURY. Chris Babb talks about his ankle injury that caused Fred Hoiberg to switch up his lineup..

NIANG IS EMOTIONAL. The outstanding freshman broke down in an interview with the media after the tough loss. Chin up, Georges, we'll be back.

AND THE REST OF THE TEAM? Less tears, but the rest of the team was disheartened by the loss as well.

BOOKER PAIN. I have a feeling Anthony Booker might make the "sad" portion of One Shining Moment this year.

FRED'S HEART. The NYT did a great feature on Hoiberg's heart condition. I'd say it's in good shape if it survived yesterday.

ALL ABOUT THE CALL. USA Today has a really good breakdown of the controversial charge call that was the hot topic in living rooms and TV studios everywhere.

BEST GAME OF THE DAY. Despite the dueling cinderella stories later in the day, Iowa State - Ohio State was still the best game of Sunday's frenetic action.

HIGH FLYING MCKNIGHT. Former Cyclone Eric McKnight had a sick alley-oop followed by an amazing block last night in FGCU's victory over San Diego State.

I LOVE FGCU, AND YOU SHOULD TOO. Between all the dunks, the chicken dance, and their mascot trying to get it in during games. they're just the ultimate Cinderella team, and I'm adopting them for the rest of the tourney.

MARSHALL EFFING HENDERSON. Ole Miss is out of the tournament, which means you won't get to see him celebrating a bucket with a joint anymore. Henderson commemorated the end of his run by flipping off the KC crowd.

SO FGCU ISN'T ENOUGH? Miami wants to remind you that despite being a high seed, they're pretty likable too.

GONEZAGA. The Iowa State women ended the dreams of the Zags ladies with a 72-60 win and will face Georgia next.

THAT OTHER TOURNAMENT. We're not big into wrestling here at WRNL, but the team did turn a poor start to the season into an 11th place finish at the NCAAs.

TCU GETS A FROG STATUE. Super scary, y'all.