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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/27/13

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MORE DREAMY TIME! Fred Hoiberg will coach in the Reese's College All Star Game.

HONORS FOR EJIM AND CLYBURN. Melvin and Will were both named to the NABC All-District Team.

THE BAND WORKS! All the weird chants are apparently causing opponents to shoot 4 percent worse at the line.

SO MANY WHAT IFS. Ah, the basketball season that left you wanting more.

IS THIS REALLY A GOOD THING? Based on the company, this would appear to be a mediocre thing to have.

CELEBRATE, DON'T MOURN. Steve Malchow says to celebrate the women's season instead of mourning the end of it.

CONFIDENT RICHARDSON. Sam Richardson is a much more confident QB this spring.

KNOTT'S BACK! Jake had a solid pro day and that should quiet the concerns about his surgically repaired shoulder.

SURPRISING PRO DAY. Josh Lenz was the major surprise at Iowa State's pro day.

SPRING PRACTICE IS UPON US. The first day of spring practice is here!

VOLLEYBALL'S BACK. The spring season begins with a matchup against Creighton.

DAILY DOSE OF FGCU. The University is so new, USA Today TRACKED DOWN THEIR FIRST STUDENT. Also, here's an interesting story on FGCU coach Andy Enfield. Meanwhile, EDSBS is planning the beginning of FGCU football.

ALL THE DANCING IN ONE PLACE. Oh yes, people get excited about the NCAA tournament.

THE BIRTH OF A RIVALRY. The US men's soccer team drew with Mexico in Mexico City for the first time since 94 last night, but when did the rivalry start?