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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/28/13

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TORTURED. Former OSU walkon and Grantland writer Mark Titus writes in his mailbag:

"I never realized it until Aaron Craft's drawn charge and buzzer-beater resulted in mass Internet hysteria, but Iowa State fans are some of the most tortured in college basketball. In their last five tournament appearances, the Cyclones have lost to three national champions, a 15-seed, and a team that needed a buzzer-beater from a 30 percent 3-point shooter. Plus, at this point it's a proven fact that referees hate Iowa State, and its loss to Ohio State is the fifth time this season the Cyclones lost on the final possession."

CELEBRATE! Okoro dance makes an appearance on best bench celebrations of the year.

WE'LL BE BACK. Steve Malchow says the Cyclones can definitely make it back to the tourney next year despite losing three double-digit scorers.

UBBEN SORT OF LIKES US? This will probably be our worst team since Rhoads' first year, and Ubben seems to be on the bandwagon? I'm so confused.

KLEIN MOVES PAST INJURY. At Iowa State's pro day, A.J. Klein moved on past the disappointing fall at the NFL combine.

NEW STARTERS. Jared Brackens and Jevohn Miller look to replace the departed Klein and Knott duo.

NEW LOOK OL. With a new line coach in Chris Klenakis, the offensive line is looking different, and hopefully better.

TAILGATE TOUR! The 2013 Tailgate Tour locations have been announced.

TULSA TO THE BIG EAST. Tulsa is moving to the old Big East, and while the Big East sucks, the move comes a year too late for us to claim 11 games against AQ conference competition in 2013..

CHANGING ROLES. The 2013 volleyball team is preparing for evolving roles with graduation hitting the team hard.

WHAT IF MARSHALL HENDERSON WAS BLACK? So Deadspin, lead haters of the "What if Michael Vick was white" article on ESPN, is now doing one on Marshall Henderson being black.

#WHITEPEOPLECELEBRATING. The hidden gem from the Bulls ending the Heat streak was all the old white people happiness.

ANDREW WIGGINS IS A MAN. Sure, it's a highlight tape and most everyone looks good, but the ease of the #1 recruit's dunks and spin moves is pretty impressive.