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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/29/13

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"IT'S LIKE I WAS BORN IN CARDINAL AND GOLD DIAPERS." I don't know about everyone else, but I was never concerned with Fred Hoiberg leaving (especially for Minnesota), and Randy Peterson discusses why.

PRACTICE DOS. Video of the second spring practice for the Cyclones.

MCDONOUGH AND LENZ GETTING INTEREST. With impressive pro day results, both of these guys are looking likely to get an NFL tryout.

WE FEEL YOU, ARIZONA. This time, it was a dagger three from LaQuinton Ross, but Arizona also felt the wrath of Ohio State's late game heroics.

BEST AND WORST. Mike Rutherford with his usual wrap-up of the day's action.

OH, THESE ASSHOLES AGAIN. Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting the Final Four for some reason. Oh that's right, because they're awful people.

TUBBY TO TTU? The former Minnesota coach is meeting with Texas Tech and likely to land the job.

MIKE GUNDY ALMOST LEFT BECAUSE OF SCHEDULING? He was so close to taking the Tennessee job, his kids were already Googling for schools in Knoxville.

CHASING CINDERELLA. How one school is transforming the image of Fort Myers from a retirement town to Dunk City.

PISTOLS GUY IS SAD. While we're happy with Fred Hoiberg, Kyle Porter is definitely NOT happy with Travis Ford.

MORE TEAMS! What if every football team in the world was in the FBS?

LESS TEAMS! What if we set the bar higher for FBS football and started cutting teams?