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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/4/13

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ON THE BUBBLE AGAIN. Chris Williams looks at what went wrong against Oklahoma and how much OSU on Wednesday means. Also, check out this reader fanpost on the the importance of Wednesday's game.

NO ENERGY? Energy appears to be an issue with the Cyclones right now after a disappointing showing against Oklahoma.

FRED BLAMES HIMSELF. Coach Hoiberg took the loss especially hard, and put the blame on himself for the poor showing.

BRACKETOLOGY. Iowa State has dropped to the first four out on Jerry Palm's bracket.

POSTERMIHMED. Remember when Marcus Fizer jammed right in Chris Mihm's face? Today in Remembering Pete Taylor.

MAPLE SYRUP RECRUITING. There are six Cyclone athletes from Canada, and they're all making an impact.

ROYCE IN UNIQUE SPOT. Royce White has always wanted to make people aware of mental illness, and he may be finally in a spot to do so.

SEASON FINALE. The Cyclone women wrap up their regular season tonight against Oklahoma State.

KLEIN'S FEELING GOOD. AK47 is pleased with his performance at the combine, but not pleased that Pro Football Report tried to kill off his knee prematurely.

THIS IS THE OFFSEASON. When rumors circulate about Les Miles resigning after sexing a student.

WOW. This hot potato buzzerbeater might be the craziest one you'll ever see.

IS BO DOING THE BERN? I hate Harlem Shake videos more than most, but check out this one from Huskers football just to see what the hell Bo Pelini is doing.

HOW TO DRINK BOURBON. Maybe if you follow this exactly, you can forget that people are still making Harlem Shake videos.