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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/5/13

LADIES CLOSE OUT STRONG. The Cyclones came back from a halftime deficit to end the season strong (as the Big 12's #2 team) to down Oklahoma State 73-70. The game involved more officiating controversy at Hilton.

SENIOR SENDOFF. Chris Babb, Tyrus McGee, Korie Lucious, and Will Clyburn reflect back on their time at Iowa State.

NO INVITE FOR BOOKER. Anthony Booker isn't so happy he wasn't there.

BIG 12'S NOT BAD. The conference has gotten a lot of mud slinged at it (mostly by Hawkeye fans), but maybe it's not so bad after all.

JUMPSTART FOR NCAAS. The men's basketball team is looking for a big win on Wednesday against Oklahoma State.

TINSLEY WAS SO GOOD... Remembering Pete serves the double purpose today of reminding you just how good Jamaal Tinsley was.

BIG THINGS AHEAD FOR BAYLOR? The Bears are talking Big 12 Championship, and both Nick Florence and RG3 are hyping up new QB Bryce Petty.

GENE SMITH HATES GAY HATERS. The Ohio State athletic director is doing his best to fight homophobia in sports.

NEW BEAVERS. New logo, new jerseys for Oregon State.

INTERVIEW WITH AN ACCIDENTAL RUMORMONGER. An interview with the guy who accidentally started the Les Miles rumors.

SAD. Robert Swift finally left his foreclosed house, but not without leaving a mess.

IT IS SNOWING AND IT SUCKS HERE. This report is blunt, but she isn't necessarily wrong.