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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/6/13

BRINGING THE MAGIC BACK. profiles how this year's seniors brought the magic back to Hilton Coliseum.

STOPS ARE IMPORTANT. Fred Hoiberg discusses how important it is to get defensive stops against Oklahoma State tonight.

DESTINY CONTROL. Despite the recent losses, Iowa State still controls their own destiny when it comes to making the NCAA Tournament according to Bobby La Gesse.

OSU PREVIEW. Chris Williams has his over at CycloneFanatic.

PANTS OFF JANTZ OFF? No, that's not it.

YOU CALL THIS A BRAWL? St John's and Notre Dame "threw down" last night.

NO ONE WANTS TO BE A 1-SEED. Indiana lost again last night. This time at home to Ohio State.

RECORD BREAKER. In all the years of college basketball it's hard to believe no one has put up stats quite like Ohio's D.J. Cooper.

FOOTBALL BRILLIANCE. Or something. SBN profiles Bobby Petrino and how his offense impacts college football.

DO YOU SMELL SOMETHING? I do, and it's called desperation.