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Sign This Petition To Restore Hilton's Win Streak

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Make your voices heard, Cyclone fans. 24*

Last night, Iowa State's basketball team capped off another memorable season at Hilton Coliseum by beating the 13th-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys. A season that featured 19 wins inside the basketball sanctuary on University Blvd, including victories over every non-conference opponent and eight Big 12 opponents.

But the season wasn't quite perfect. Wasn't quite all it was supposed to be. All due to a certain travesty that unraveled last Monday, February 25th. That night, millions of people across America witnessed the defiling of a venerated building, the James H. Hilton Coliseum, by a cabal of small-minded referees, coddled basketball players and conference administrators. That's right friends, that night you witnessed a conspiracy; one that goes all the way to the top of the Big 12.

Every Cyclone fan remembers the no-call/bullshit call that sent the Iowa State-Kansas game into overtime last Monday. One call, topping off a game full of bad officiating, was all it took to end Iowa State's 22 game winning streak. This loss stings all the more after last night's win over Oklahoma State. Prior to this season, Iowa State had recorded three undefeated seasons at home, in '99-'00, '00-'01 and '04-'05. Heading into last Monday's game against Kansas, it looked like Iowa State had a chance to make the '12-'13 the fourth, until a ref clearly deep in debt to the mob and in need of some quick cash threw the game for Kansas.

But Cyclone nation, you don't have to take this lying down, like you're Mario Little's girlfriend or you're in an elevator with Sherron Collins. No, this is America! This is college basketball! Let your voice ring from the mountaintops small hills of Iowa and the Midwest! Stand up to the nattering nabobs of negativity that would seek to give the Kansas Jayhawks their ninth straight Big 12 championship.

To rectify this miscarriage of justice, WRNL has started a petition on to restore the Iowa State men's basketball team's home winning streak. The favored tool of the privileged upper-middle class to make their voices sorta heard. And we're lobbying the most powerful, the most efficient, the most trusted organization in athletics: The NCAA.

Because make no mistake, this isn't just about a simple loss. Iowa State has experienced its fair share of losses over the years; the Cyclones know how to accept those. No, this is about justice; about righting a terrible wrong. Iowa State had won 22 straight home games up until Monday night, and a conspiracy of dunces took that streak away. At the very least, that win streak should now stand at 24-with-an-asterisk games.

When the referees of that game didn't call a foul against Elijah Johnson in the final seconds of regulation, but did call a foul against Georges Niang when he was pinned under Johnson; they weren't just making a conscious decision to give the game to the Kansas Jayhawks (and make no mistake friends, that is exactly what occurred that fateful night in Ames). No, the referees were telling the fans inside the building, the viewers watching on ESPN and the scores of people listening to the game out in radio land that the game is rigged. The rules no longer matter. It's not important how well the players play, how well the coach has prepared or how loud the fans cheer; in the decisive moments the game will always be given to the Kansas's, the Kentucky's, the Indiana's of the world. The underdog, the little guy, the common man doesn't stand a chance.

Because Hilton Coliseum is the ultimate underdog. A place forged in the middle of the plains, born to house a basketball program that hadn't been to the NCAA tournament in 27 years when it was built. A place that sheltered fans so enamored with their team that they'd pack themselves to the rafters to watch losing season after losing season of basketball, all in the hope that one day their team would turn it around. And when that team finally did turn it around, the fans made sure to show up in droves to protect the home court they loved so much.

Hilton Coliseum deserves better than this. The 2012-2013 Cyclone team deserved to go undefeated at home. Make your voice heard the most effective way currently known to man: By clicking a link, typing your name and registering your vague approval or disapproval with a cause.

Go to and sign WRNL's petition to restore Iowa State's home winning streak. You'll be doing your part for justice. You'll be engaging in direct democracy. You'll be saving's Hilton Coliseum reputation, and by extension, America. Use this form letter. It's easy!

Petition: NCAA, Restore the Iowa State men's basketball team's home winning streak


I, a fan of college basketball, ask that the NCAA rectify a great injustice. Monday, February 25, Iowa State's home winning streak ended due to questionable officiating in the final seconds of the game. This subpar officiating directly led to Kansas tying the game, ultimately sending the game to overtime, where Iowa State eventually lost. While referees are meant to be the arbiters of a game, they aren't meant to directly decide the outcome. Due to the referees direct impact on the game, we ask that the NCAA use every bit of power at its disposal to restore the Cyclone men's basketball team's home winning streak.

No idea how this will work in practice. The winning streak was at 22 before the Kansas game. The NCAA could award the Cyclones the victory, giving Iowa State a 24-game home winning streak after the OSU victory, or they could just pretend the game never happened and put the win streak at 23. Maybe they could ban the Jayhawks from playing basketball ever again. That seems unlikely, but fair.

Maybe the most honest way to restore Hilton's win streak would be to put the current tally at 24, but with an asterisk. A way of acknowledging that technically, Iowa State did lose the Kansas game at home, but the outcome was tainted. No matter. Given the NCAA's track record, whatever method they decide to use will certainly be fair, timely and in no way a perversion of the idea of college athletics.

So we, a mass of dozens (literally dozens!), humbly beseech the NCAA to restore Iowa State's home winning streak.

Sincerely, [Your name]