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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/7/13

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REVENGE! The Cyclones made it look sketchy at times, but pulled it out against the Cowboys. The Daily has a good roundup.

#3 ON SPORTSCENTER. I've never seen Chris Babb dunk, but apparently he's been saving it up for senior night and making it SC Top 10 worthy.

CHATTING WITH TYRUS. Chris Williams catches up with everyone's favorite Cyclone, Mr. McThree himself.

SENIOR TRIBUTE. Repost, but this great video from honoring our seniors has to be watched again.

EJIM UP FOR SUTTON AWARD. Appropriate that the announcement that Melvin Ejim is a finalist for the Eddie Sutton award comes in the week of the Oklahoma State game.

THE ISU WAY. After a week marred with bad fan behavior, last night saw a return to the Hilton Way.

GARY PARRISH LIKES US! The CBS writer makes a plea for the Cyclones to be returned to safely in the tourney field, and also has a glowing review of Fred Hoiberg.

PALM SORT OF OBLIGES. The Cyclones are now in the last four in segment instead of the last four out in Jerry Palm's new bracket.

DEFENSE IMPROVING. Fresh off the worst defensive effort of the season against OU, Iowa State made strides against the Cowboys.

FROM THE OTHER VIEWPOINT. Pistols Firing has 10 thoughts on last night's game. And for the bonus, check out the first douchey OSU fan I've ever encountered in the comments!

HE'S OUR ALCOHOLIC, DAMN IT. Wyoming fans were chanting "Alcoholic" at Larry Eustachy last night.

POLLARD MAKING IT RAIN. Jamie Pollard will bethe third highest paid AD in the Big 12 this year.

FINAL JEOPARDY DISASTER. Jeopardy contestants are smart, but not in the matters of college football.

KIRK'S IN TROUBLE? UI is reviewing the hire of Ferentz's future son-in-law.

LEBRON! Make it 16 straight for the Heat as James comes up clutch.

BLAKE! Not to be outdone, Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin teamed up for this alley-oop.