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The Mid-Morning Dump: 3/8/13

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It's Riot Ball (Part Deux) Eve!

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ADVANCED STATISTICS HELPS THE CYCLONES. The use of advanced stats has helped the Cyclones navigate two very unorthodox lineups in the last two years.

TRAVIS FORD CHILDISH? Rick Brown recounts Fred Hoiberg's one awful experience in college, as well as what Travis Ford was doing during ISU's free throws.

IN THE TOURNEY? Steve Malchow makes his case for the Cyclones in the field of 64 68.

SCARY TEAM TO FACE. Jason King's Big 12 power rankings has plenty of nice things to say about the Cyclones.

DUAL FIRST TEAMERS. Both Hallie Christofferson and Chelsea Poppens made the All-Big 12 First Team.

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS. Quenton Bundrage is highlighted as a Cyclone player who has already exceeded recruiting expectations.

WE'RE NUMBER TWO! Ames was named America's second best college town after Ithaca, NY, setting of the movie Road Trip.

PEAKING AT THE RIGHT TIME? Heading into the Big 12 Championships, Iowa State wrestling is trending up.

MORE MONEY FOR TEXAS! UT is considering selling alcohol at football, basketball, and baseball games.

LOUISVILLE JOINS IN. The Cardinals will be selling dollar beers at their spring game. Come on Jamie Pollard, make it so.

TARGETING EJECTIONS ARE STUPID. EDSBS examines how this new rule will change college football.

THE KIEL SAGA ROLLS ON. Gunner Kiel's journey through college football continues, as he's transferring from Notre Dame.

OWNERS BE LYING. Remember how NFL owners were crying about being broke? Well, at least one wasn't really broke.

HIGH ENTERTAINMENT. Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless. Just watch.