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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/10/13

TAKING NOTHING FOR GRANTED. Jake Knott and Durrell Givens are both prepared for whatever path life leads them on, whether it be football or not.

MORE CONSISTENCY. Curtis Bray wants more stability and production from his defensive ends.

JUSTIN EDWARDS VISITING. The Maine player will be visiting Iowa State this weekend as a possible transfer destination.

JOSH DAVIS A TARGET? The undersized forward who averaged a double-double at Tulane (remind you of a current Cyclone?) looks to be on ISU's radar as well, and here's him throwing down a huge dunk.

SETTING A TREND? Did Fred Hoiberg make taking transfers less of an issue for other coaches around the country?

WHY DIDN'T WE TAKE LOUISVILLE? Barking Carnival with an article on how bad we screwed up by not taking Louisville for the Big 12.

GO HOME PAPA JOHN, YOU'RE DRUNK. The founder of the Louisville chain celebrated the Cardinals' national title a little too hard.

GOAT TO HERO. Luke Hancock wasn't always liked by Cardinal fans, even as recently as three months ago.

SPIKE TAKES A SHOT. He's probably never going to be as famous as he is this week, so why not try to get Kate Upton's attention?

CLINTON'S LETTER. 20 years later, we get to see the letter Bill Clinton wrote to Chris Webber after the infamous timeout.

YOU'RE A BALLER. An interview with the Mississippi State defensive coordinator who is sending his "drawings" as recruiting tools.

NON TRADITIONAL NFL PROSPECTS. There's an ever growing amount of foreign-born hopefuls, with five players born outside the U.S. in most mock drafts this year.

HOW DOES ARNOLD PALMER ORDER HIMSELF? BBy ordering a "Mr. Palmer," while macking on the waitress, apparently.

DES MOINES IS TERRIBLE? In case you missed it, the AHL is coming back to Des Moines in the form of the Minnesota Wild's affiliate, and the Hockey Wilderness editors/commenters aren't real pleased with Des Moines or our travel logistics.