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Iowa State Announces "Major" NCAA Violations

So much for it all being women's tennis...

Jamie Pollard probably isn't happy about this
Jamie Pollard probably isn't happy about this

Documents were released this afternoon that deemed Iowa State's NCAA violations to be "major violations". According the Ames Tribune, 1,484 impermissible phone calls were made, with 1,405 of the total calls involving coaches not properly logging their calls. Six football and basketball coaches were named in the report: football assistants Shane Burnham and Bill Bleil, as well as former football assistants Luke Wells and Bob Elliott, and former basketball assistants Daniyal Robinson and Keith "Lefty" Moore.

The investigation started in the spring of 2011 when men's basketball coach Fred Hoiberg discovered that student men's basketball assistant coach and former Cyclone player Keith "Lefty" Moore had improperly contacted prospective recruits after he ran into him at an AAU basketball game, which was in violation of NCAA rules. Iowa State fired Moore the next day and started the internal investigation including a "comprehensive telephone and text messaging audit" of all of ISU's sports programs over a three-year period which uncovered "a significant number of recruiting communication violations involving most of its sports programs," according to the report.

Despite the wording that these are "major" violations, it probably doesn't change all that much as far as the punishment, which SHOULD be fairly minor, given the relatively mild punishment for Baylor with almost 10 times the amount of "true violations" last year.

As the report mentions, "The enforcement staff, institution and involved individuals agree that the findings detailed in this summary disposition report constitute a major infractions case as a whole. However, some involved individuals will be taking the position that some findings standing alone should be found to be secondary violations."

UPDATE: Ames Tribune broke down the calls by sport, and here are the two big sports:

Impermissible calls: 962
Logging issues: 810
"True" violations: 52
*29 of "true" violations were made by former staffers

Men's Basketball:
Impermissible calls: 147
Logging issues: 113
"True" violations: 34
* 25 of "true violations" were made by former staffers

It will be up to the NCAA to review these findings and determine if the self imposed sanctions have been enough, or if there is still a systemic problem at Iowa State of not logging calls. But if you're waiting for the hammer to drop on ISU, don't hold your breath.