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Return To Transfer Junction

Now that basketball season's over, it's high time some high-profile players hit the dusty trail.

Well, howdy pardner! Welcome to Transfer Junction, the rootinest, tootinest place west a' the Mississippi! Why don't ya take a load off, sit a spell?

Now what brings ya to Transfer Junction, mister? Just passin' through, ya say? Well, that's nothin' new, Transfer Junction sees all manner a' people a' comin' and a' goin' all the time. Average length a' stay is just about four years in this here town. Folks ride in, get a little bit a' book learnin' an' seem to get an itch to go out an' seek their fortune after a brief spell.

Why, we had one feller ride into town just about six months ago, he din't even stay more'n a few months! Name a' Maurice Jones, if'n I recall correctly. Short little guy, came all the way from the big city, Los Angeles, just to meet the town mayor. That'd be Mister Hoiberg, ya know. Ya prob'ly heard a' him, he's a pretty big deal round these parts.

But back to this Jones feller. Some folks, trouble just follows 'em wherever they roam. Got in some kinda scrape out west, and no sooner did he get settled, the law swooped in with a posse to rustle him outta town. Never even had a chance to make his fortune here! Damn shame too, Transfer Junction coulda used a man with his kinda skills. Only a couple other guys round here coulda done what he could, an' one of em's just a kid.

But ya come at an excitin' time, mister. Just finished up with the big dance this week. Now I'm sure ya seen yer share a' dances before, but ya ain't seen nothin' like this one. Towns from all over the country show up with their best cowpokes, festivities that last fer weeks! Oh, but it's a sight to see... But anyway, Louisville proved to be the best in show this year, won the whole dang shootin' match.

So now that the big dance is over, folks'll start gettin' down to business. Now's the time a' year when a man'll start ruminatin' over his prospects. Is he truly happy where he's at? Could he stake his claim in a more prosperous spot? Mayhap...

An' Mayor Hoiberg's a crafty feller. He's managed to raise Transfer Junction's standin' in the community in just a few short years. The man has the gift a' gab, ya see, and the brains and talent to back it all up.

Ya see, when a man starts to think about movin' to a new place, Mayor Hoiberg knows about it. Sends 'em a telegram, invitin' 'em to check out Transfer Junction. Get 'em into town, introduce 'em to folks, make 'em feel welcome; that's the key. Ya get a restless man a' talent into this town, they see how easy it is to make their fortune.

Why, we got just that sort a' visitor this weekend. Feller the name a' Justin Edwards'll be arrivin' in town in just a tick, comin' down from the Northern Territories. Been givin' it a go in Maine fer the past two years, they say. Now I commend Mister Edwards fer stickin' it out that long up there, Maine can be a powerful tough place fer a man to make his way. Harsh terrain. Unforgivin'. Little to no chance a' goin' to that big dance I were tellin' ya about earlier.

So Mister Edwards'll be payin' Transfer Junction a visit, an' I think the mayor might like his style. Looks to have a good work ethic, crack shot, can really produce if needed. Plus, he's from the Northern Territories, same place as Mister Ejim and Mister Long, so he already knows some folk in town. Melvin an' Naz are fine, upstandin'gentlemen, they'll show Mister Edwards a good time on his visit, iff'n ya catch my drift [WINK].

One problem, Justin Edwards wouldn't be able to start pannin' fer gold till over a year from now. That's right, the young man'd hafta just sit around fer a year, coolin' his heels.Yeah, I ain't agree with it either, but them's the rules. Mayor Hoiberg ain't about to run afoul a' the law, he's as honest as the day is long. So Mister Edwards could stick 'round Transfer Junction fer up to three years, but only be a functionin' member a' society fer two. Well, them's the breaks.

Then there's this other feller, Josh Davis. Now he's kinda a journeyman. Been travelin' almost his entire life, seems like. Started out in the Northern Carolina, then made his way down to the big easy, N'Orleans way. Sometimes a man just cain't get comfortable in a place, ya know?

But this Mister Davis, he's a hot commodity. Seems like every town under the sun's vying fer the young man's services. Unlike Mister Edwards, Josh Davis'll be able to start work in his new town right away. That's value ya cain't underestimate. Lotsa towns out there need a strong back and a strong mind right away, and Mister Davis provides both a' those in spades. Big feller. Strong. Goes about 6'8", 215 pounds. An' he's been doin' this kinda work fer about four years now, already got himself a college degree. Man like that'd be a valuable addition to a lot a' places.

So now that he's headin' outta N'Orleans, he's startin' to make his way north. Some folk think he'll move to Pittsburgh, take up steel minin'. Some folk think he'll try his luck in Illinois, maybe work his way into politics like that young Mister Lincoln. Hell, some folk think he might even try his luck way out in the Northwest Territories or even move back home to Northern Carolina.

But don't count Mayor Hoiberg outta this fight. The mayor's made his name on providin' homes fer just this kinda feller. True, Transfer Junction ain't exactly got a room fer either Justin Edwards or Josh Davis should they decide to move into town, but the folks in this town are mighty accomodatin'. We'll find space iff'n either gentleman needs it. Why, there's the local boy, Mister Palo. He loves this town. Surely he wouldn't mind sleepin' outside in a tent if it'd help out ol' Transfer Junction.