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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/11/13

Today's MMD comes with 100% less blood feuds with hockey blogs!

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VIOLATIONS TALK. Bryce Miller says not to dismiss the Cyclones' violations as minor, and says there's still many questions left.

WE'RE NUMBER TWO! WE'RE NUMBER TWO! CBS ranks the top games of the tourney, and Iowa State-Ohio State checks in at #2 right after the National Championship game.

HOOPS REVIEW. has some interesting facts from the season that was.

DEFENSIVE ENDS LEARNING. Cory Morrissey and Nick Kron are learning how to play "the Cyclone way," whatever that means.

SENECA! The Raiders have signed Seneca Wallace.

PLAYERS GET PLENTY ALREADY. Bob Stoops was asked about paying college athletes, and he thinks they get paid plenty already.

THE WORST ARGUMENT AGAINST PAYING PLAYERS. It's not the players' fault that college costs a lot, writes Jason Kirk.

ROYCE HAS FIVE KIDS? Groupies love Royce White.

THE ASCENT. The path that Trey Burke took from being an average recruit to the Naismith award winner.

THE ART OF SCREWING UP. How officials deal with bad calls they've made.

MASCOT TAXONOMY. Yeah, someone went and categorized all the college mascots.