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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/12/13

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FRED GETTING SUSPENSION? Even though Fred Hoiberg was the one who reported the issue, Bylaw Blog's John Infante thinks he still may get a minor suspension. Lefty Moore on the other hand, could be getting a major penalty. The important takeaway here though is that no scholarships or win vacating is mentioned, which would be the biggest concern.

COMPLETE TIMELINE. The Register has a timeline of all the events that happened with the NCAA case.

STURDY AND BUNDRAGE ON RECEIVERS. Toddy Sturdy and emerging threat Quenton Bundrage talk about the receiving corps.

GO LEONARD! Leonard Johnson was undrafted with no degree last April, but now he has his degree and is solidly on an NFL roster.

WILLIE SCOTT ARRESTED. The ISU DE was caught with 0.1 grams of marijuana. I have to imagine Patrick Vint was smiling just a little as he wrote this update.

PRACTICE 9 INTERVIEW. has practice highlights as well as an interview with Paul Rhoads.

THE COST OF AN AUDIT. The third party audit of Iowa State's NCAA problems cost the school $30,000.

JUSTIN EDWARDS VISITING. Picking between Greg McDermott and Fred Hoiberg shouldn't be much of a choice, should it?

RIGHT AFTER TENNESSEE. The Iowa State women averaged the second highest attendance in the country.

PRINS AND POPPENS PREPARE. Both of the Cyclone standouts are working towards the WNBA draft.

STEVE ALFORD, STILL AN ASSHOLE. UCLA issued a press release for Steve Alford to address allegations that he mishandled the Pierre Pierce investigation.

STEVE ALFORD, STILL A LIAR. Dan Bernstein of CBS Chicago points out that the latest Alford statement is still full of lies and is still an insult.

DANCE BATTLING AT WISCONSIN. I guess this is what they do at Camp Randall.

RUNAWAY CART FALLOUT! One of the greatest GIFs in history is now responsible for a lawsuit.

SOCAL BRAWL. A brawl between the Padres and Dodgers ended with the Zach Greinke fracturing his collarbone.