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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/16/13

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BOSTON. Tragic events took place at the Boston Marathon yesterday, claiming the lives of three so far. If you missed the coverage yesterday, here's a good timeline of events. If you want a reminder of all the good humanity is capable of in the sea of carnage, here it is. Iowa State students that went to Boston appear to be OK. Meanwhile, the bomb was no setback for this 78 year old badass, who got up and finished the race anyway.

SENECA! He's the newest New Orleans Saint, signing a one year deal.

STILL THE RABBIT. Coming off ACL surgery, Shontrelle Johnson still thinks he can live up to the nickname Alexander Robinson gave him.

BIGGER ROLE FOR TIGHT ENDS? With Bibbs, Brun, and now semi-Woody, the TEs will be counted on more than ever.

LACK OF MANPOWER AND SOFTWARE. Cody Westerlund looks at how ISU's logging issues arose.

KLEIN PRIMER. has a primer video up on ISU's A.J. Klein.

PRINS AND POPPENS PICKED. Both Cyclone players were selected in the second round of the WNBA draft yesterday, marking the third time two ISU players have been selected in a draft year.

SLOPES TO THE GREENS. Scott Fernandez went from aspiring skier to a pretty good golfer.

MAJOR VIOLATIONS PARTY! Oregon has agreed with the NCAA on major violations resulting from the Willie Lyles fiasco.

MORE COACH ABUSE? Wisconsin-Green Bay player (and former Hawkeye) Brennan Cougill is the second player to allege verbal abuse against coach Brian Wardle.

EDITABLE COMMENTS! Yes, the thing you have all been waiting for will be here very soon!