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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/18/13

SPRING GAME PREVIEW. Cyclones.TV previews the spring game.

YOU'RE MY BOY, BLU. K.J. Bluford is now officially an Iowa State Cyclone.

JEREMIAH IS HUNGRY. Jeremiah George is excited about his senior season, to say the least.

EARLY 2014 PREDICTIONS. Chris Williams has some predictions for 2014 in the Big 12.

BILL SNYDER, RESIDENT COLLEGE FOOTBALL CURMUDGEON. Bill Snyder isn't down with the state of college athletics.

TULSA PREVIEW. Bill Connolly previews the 2013 edition of our new nemesis, Tulsa.

FALL WEDDING GUIDE. The weekends you don't want to get married this fall.

FOOTBALL ETIQUETTE. Other than not getting married on a Saturday in the fall, there's some other etiquette tips for college football fans.

SAY WHAT BEEBE? Complete lack of self awareness demonstrated by Dan Beebe in this interview. Sure, he got the short end of the stick here, but to pretend like he had no fault is laughable.

BOWLSBY CHAT. Bob Bowlsby, on the other hand, seems to know exactly what's going on in this interview.

IOWA WILD IT IS. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the Wild will officially seek approval from the AHL to move the Aeros to Des Moines as the Iowa Wild.

BOSTON'S NATIONAL ANTHEM. The fans sing the national anthem in the first Bruins game since the Marathon bombing.

THAT WAS MUCH BETTER THAN THE MEDIA. There was a suspect detained yesterday... except oh wait, it didn't happen. Then, there was the NY Post's horrible attempt at IDing the bombers.

PAT SUMMERALL DESERVED BETTER. Remembering the legend's last call, which was somehow a mediocre Ole Miss-Oklahoma State showdown.