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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/19/13

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PRACTICE 13. Ken Pope talks about the running game after practice #13.

JAMES WHITE IS ALL IN. You'd think James White would be concerned with playing time, but he's enjoying the depth at RB.

READY TO LEAD. The Des Moines Register has another article about Sam Richardson's time to shine.

NO REDSHIRT, NO PROBLEM. Paul Rhoads wishes he could have used redshirts on them, but the linebackers are doing just fine.

GROWING PAINS. Depth and experience continues to be the theme of the spring and Wally Burnham talks about coaching through growing pains.

ALLEN LAZARD MISSES ESPN CUT. The #1 overall receiver and #24 overall prospect on Rivals is absent from the ESPN150 and only their #33 WR.

GOOD RETURNS. Iowa State is the #61 spender in college athletics, but getting the 27th best return.

TAILGATE TOUR. ISU athletics is asking for nominations for Cyclone fans who are helpful in the community.

TAVON'S 7. Wonderlic scores are out for Tavon Austin and Cordarelle Patterson, and neither is impressive.

WHAT A SAD SAD SCHEDULE. Louisville's 2013 schedule is all kinds of terrible.

OH BHGP, YOU RASCALS. Rant Sports fell for a BHGP post on Iowa basketball uniforms.

BOSTON. Here's the latest on the ongoing saga, including a shooting at MIT last night. One of the victims hurt by the blast apparently ID'd the suspect because he spoke to him right before the bombing. Meanwhile, the teen wrongly identified as a Boston bombing suspect is living in fear.